Tone-deaf Singalong

So, you can’t sing! You mouth the words. The “Tone-deaf Singalong” is perfect for you! People who can sing have lots of choirs available to them. However, there are many of us who, for whatever reason, do not believe we can sing and, accordingly, do not get the pleasure and joy that comes from the release of endorphins when singing.

Singing has also been shown to be beneficial to people with memory loss and Parkinson’s Disease. The “Tone-deaf Singalong” provides a safe, fun, non-judgmental environment for those of us who think (or know) we can’t sing. The music is loud, the words projected onto a screen, and the songs are from our youth.

People who can sing are very welcome provided they can tolerate those of us who sing flat, out of tune, or just mouth the words.

Come along, sing a song, and set yourself up for a happy weekend.

This course will be presented by  Colleen Moyes  at Mary Kidson Hall