The Music in My Life – Gordon Hall


A light-hearted walk through 77 years of songs and the changing styles of popular music as seen through the eyes and ears of a music lover.

I didn’t get an opportunity to study music in my school years 1950 -1959! Then in 2008/9 at the age of 63 I was given an opportunity to do a two year part-time study and actually sit the NSW HSC in music. My life-long love of music was so enhanced after I had studied and had more of an understanding of the structure of music! Ever since this experience, I now listen to ‘and hear’ so much more in a song. I hear the arrangements, the individual instruments, the chords, the structure and the lyrics (I think I have always listened to the lyrics) BUT what I now hear is a complete appreciation of the artistic nature of what was born by someone’s interpretation of a thought, a thought that has been mastered and developed into a work of art that can soothe our souls, inspire our dreams, get us dancing, make us cry or give us inspiration to lift our spirits and fill our lives with enjoyment.

‘Inspiration for a song, and especially its lyrics, can come from so many emotions or subjects. It may be a life experience; it can come from ‘a love found ‘ or ‘a love lost’ and it can even come in a dream.

This course will be delivered by Gordon Hall in one session on Tuesday 15th November 2-3:30pm at Mary Kidson Hall.