What members had to say …

Lots of laughter at BalanceNBones as our brain tries to coordinate all the different movements at the one time. Arms and legs in all directions. Great fun, come join us.

Android phones. Thank you both so much for all you put in to trying to teach me!! Hard job I know but I do appreciate all the work you both put in. It was an enjoyable class and I feel much more competent with my phone although I know I still have heaps more to learn but I will keep on trying!!

Anne and Margaret did a magnificent job of researching and explaining the workings of various models of Android Smartphones. Their patience was inexhaustible! We all learnt so much and enjoyed a sense of comradeship in the group.

CSU's Wayne Doubleday captured the U3A audience's imagination as he recounted an English jackeroo's adventure in Mossgiel in the 1920s - the Western Plains, dust and mud, sheep, jackeroos and tiger snakes. Thanks for another great presentation from CSU Archives! More please!

American history has been very interesting and informative, and keeps your interest for the whole session.

Tone deaf singing is great fun, you can sing your heart out and not worry about what it sounds like (we have the music so loud no one could hear you anyway).

Janet has taught Mah Jong very well and we are all so keen we’re always ready to start well before 2 pm kick off.

Dick Green's "Wiradjuri Wisdom Walk" along the river and lagoon was not only a wealth of knowledge about Indigenous issues but also exhibits a deep respect for Aboriginal Culture. More Please! Anne

Croquet: great company, great exercise - and great weather. Frank

Mah-jong and Croquet, the presenters have been brilliant and as a consequence we have found them rewarding.

Tap dancing is fantastic, we have such a lot of fun - wouldn't miss is for the world. Anne

On BnB (Adv): Only two men at this terrific weekly activity, but it's quality that counts. We need more quality! Frank

Thank you so much Ineke for such a great day in the country at Landra Castle. A pleasure to have you as presenter of Rosemary & Thyme.

Travel Apps more than met expectations. Shirley is well prepared, knowledgeable, personable and Ian is a great ‘barrel girl/boy’.

Internet Security – is a worthwhile course, would have liked about 6 sessions.

Table Tennis – great fun and great group of people.

Daphne introduced us to a new routine this term. Hard work with a very lively lady leading us on video.

JERUSALEM One City, Three Faiths. A frequent question “is it a fact or a myth”. Ray Goodlass, glided the class through the text with great enthusiasm. Diane

Rhonda's chosen some interesting walks - not too many hills, and giving us a chance to explore places in Wagga that we haven't seen before. Looking forward to more walks next term.

During the monthly Current Affairs Sessions, expertly convened by Michael Dowd, we have enjoyed a variety of topics, the input by the different panel members and the respect shown to both panel and audience throughout the discussion time.

Thursdays have become my favourite day of the week, I get to play Mah Jong with some great people and learn as I go under the tuition of the amazing Janet, who is so patient with us beginners, even though she is clearly an expert. Sue

I really like playing social Table Tennis, rather than competition games. I'm enjoying it so much I've even lashed out and bought a new bat, although I don't think it makes much difference to my game. It gives me plenty of exercise, social interaction and laughs.....some of the participants tell great jokes. Mike

Social Walking Group- Great organisation Carol, excellent company, scenery, exercise and coffee and a chat.

I had been very lonely since I retired. U3A has saved me.

We are both in our seventies and at tap dancing we have learnt so much from Robyn and the other group members. Bev and Gordon

Croquet is a surprisingly challenging game and we are learning new shots and strategies every week as the teams rotate. June

The enthusiastic walkers are happy to walk at the pace that best suits them- from amazingly fast to pleasant strolling and there is always someone to walk and chat with. Ann

Cryptic Crosswords, a challenge but such fun! Colleen, you certainly have helped to keep the grey matter active. Bernadette

Mahjong can enhance abstract strategic thinking…in short it is great for the old grey matter. But at a simpler level it’s loads of fun and a very social occasion.

Happy Feet Walkers is a happy group indeed Rhonda plans walks that are fairly brisk resulting in increased fitness levels.

Table Tennis is a great fun afternoon-plenty of laughs, a few jokes and "Coodabeen Champions"

U3A Wagga Wagga will have access to the Wagga Wagga Veteran & Vintage Motor Club (WWVVMC) rooms during 2019. Our agreement is for four days each week.
Special thanks to WWVVMC President Annie Taylor and her Committee for their support in achieving this great outcome. We look forward to sharing their comfortable and well-maintained venue.