Police Citizens Youth Club Tours

In November 2022 the Police Citizen Youth Club’s (PCYC) moved to a brand-new facility located at 11 Fitzhardinge Street in Wagga Wagga. The club features a state-of-the-art air-conditioned and heated stadium that can host a range of indoor court sports, gym and other activities.

Visits have been arranged to tour this fabulous facility. The tours will be followed by optional leisurely age-appropriate activities, including pickleball, badminton, and walking basketball.

Separate tours have been arranged at the PCYC at 11 Fitzhardinge St, Wagga Wagga. Enrol for either the 5 June or 19 June 2023 tours.

Image source: Region Riverina, https://regionriverina.com.au/wagga-community-welcomes-23m-pcyc-club-the-states-largest/15363/