My Life

Dr Gordon Murray

U3A Wagga Wagga is introducing a series of “occasional” presentations under the heading of “My Life”.

The underpinning concept is that U3A members have led disparate lives, across several communities and countries and in many professions, trades, and occupations.

The “My Life” series will provide an excellent opportunity for members to prepare and share some of their life history that will be of interest to others.

You may choose to enrol in all the classes in the series or in one or more of the classes.

This term we have four presenters. The classes are on Tuesdays at Mary Kidson Hall from 2-3pm or 2-3:30pm.

  1. Gordon Murray presents ‘My Career as a Plant Pathologist’ on 6/9 from 2-3p
    I became a plant pathologist after being captivated while studying agricultural science at Sydney University, beginning my career with the NSW Department of Agriculture in Sydney before post-graduate studies in the USA.

    Plant pathologists identify causes, their epidemiology, losses and control of plant diseases. Most of my career was at the Wagga Wagga Agricultural Institute.

    I’ll touch on highlights of my work: satisfaction working with colleagues on farmers’ problems, devising controls, valuing the national cost of crop diseases, researching overseas diseases for their potential here, and trips to the USA, UK, Italy, Pakistan, India and China.

  2. Gordon Hall presents ‘My First 76 Years’ on 9/8 from 2-3:30pm
    I was born in post WW-II England on an Ex-USA and POW army camp that was once a farm. My life (so far) has
    been lucky, fortunate and I think interesting.

  3. Nancye Piercy presents ‘Memories – Highs & Lows of a Health Administrator’ on 23/8 from 2-3pm
    A reflection of my 60-year career in the NSW Health System. There have been a few hurdles on the way but lots of positives. Many stories to tell.

  4. Peter English presents ‘Reflections of a Country GP – 25 Yrs in Coolamon’ on 20/9 from 2-3pm
    Peter English recalls the highs and lows, humour and pathos of spending a quarter of a century as a GP in Coolamon.