My Life Growing up in Northern Ireland – Frank Molloy

Northern Ireland

Frank Molloy presents ‘My Life Growing up in Northern Ireland’ on 6/9 from 2-3p
At first glance, growing up in Northern Ireland in the 1950s may not seem that different from growing up in Wagga Wagga, or anywhere else in Australia. There were familiar elements: going to school, getting to know the neighbourhood, playing sport, making friends, and so on. However, there were dark shadows hanging over the Northern Ireland society which led to various constraints that children gradually became aware of….

This talk will focus on my own experiences, following an explanation of why this region is different from the rest of the United Kingdom and, indeed, from the rest of Ireland.

This course is presented by Frank Molloy on Tuesday 21st February from 2 to 4:00pm at Mary Kidson Hall.