Frequently Asked Questions

Joining and Membership

Any retired or semi-retired people who are looking for social interaction or lifelong learning opportunities are encouraged to join U3A Wagga Wagga.
For instructions on how to join: click this link.
There will be four ways you will be able to renew:
  1. Online through the MyU3A website. You will have the option of:
    • Using your credit card to pay through eWay
  2. By Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) to Beyond Bank
    • BSB: 325-185
    • Account No. 0360 8978
    • Reference: Your name so we know who paid
  3. At the Beyond Bank Branch with the same details as (2) above.
  4. By paying cash at the WWVVMC rooms on the corner of Docker and Morgan Streets any Monday morning during terms.

For 2024 the annual fees are $35 per year.

If you are joining in Term 3 or 4 (after 1st July), that is reduced to $17.50

They will be given out by the presenter in the first weeks of term 1.

Not enrolled for term 1 or have missed the first couple of weeks of the term, then the card will be returned to the WWVVMC and the card can be picked up from the WWVVMC during Monday morning office hours, during term time.


  • To preview the courses and vacancies for the term click/tap this link.
  • If you then wish to enrol in any of the open courses, click/tap the Login button under the list of categories and enter your ID and password.
  • If unsure of the enrolment process, follow this link to the instructions.
  • You can add your name to a course that is fully subscribed and has Wait List beside it. That means however, that you will only be admitted to a course when there is a vacancy.
  • Did you renew your membership for 2024?
  • You can enrol only after the enrolment date for the term
  • You must be a financial member before you can enrol.
  • See the section above about renewing your membership.
There are two ways to confirm that you have successfully enrolled - online confirmation while enrolling and by follow-up email confirmation:
  1. After you have selected the course, the next screen (Status) will have your Status as Enrolled and on the final screen will have “Success”. You also have an option to print your courses.
  2. You will receive a confirmation email from U3A Wagga Wagga.

If there is a Wait List, on the right hand side of the course description it will say Wait List rather than Open. You can add your name to the Wait List, so that you can be added if a vacancy occurs.

On the Status page your Status will be Waitlist.

You will receive a confirmation email from U3A Wagga Wagga.

If you find, for any reason, you are unable to continue in a course, please withdraw to create a place for a person on the waiting list. Please note that you will be withdrawing from the remaining sessions for that course.

How to withdraw online

  • Login to MyU3A either through our website or directly from clicking this link
  • Select Classes 2024
  • From the next screen click/tap the class from which you wish to withdraw, and a tick appears
  • Select a Reason from the drop down box
  • Select Delete Class
  • Select Next and then Next again and then EXIT to complete the process.
  • Apologising for a class absence is best done online instead of contacting the presenter.
  • However if you are unable to use the online option, please email or text the contact person listed in the Summary of this Week’s Classes (in the weekly email to all members).
If you know you will be away during parts of the term, why not apologise early?
  • Click/Tap this link to open Member Login and add your ID and Password. Then click/tap the Login button.
  • At the bottom of the page there is an area where absence can be recorded.
  • Enter Start and End date of your absence in a day/month form (e.g. for one day or session: 25/10 – 25/10 or for a few days: 20/10-27/10) and then click/tap the Apologise button.
  • Classes in which you are enrolled for the given date range will be shown and a tick placed against the dates. If you wish to attend some of the classes within the selected date range, “untick” those dates.
  • Once you are satisfied with your selections click Commit button.
Yes, you certainly do. To find out how, choose the FAQ above called 'How do I enrol in a course'.
  • You will see immediately if your enrolment in a course is successful and you will receive a confirmation email.
  • You will be able to join or renew membership online.
  • Our volunteers will find it easier to manage our membership and course information.

Courses and classes

Tap/click this link for the current weekly timetable.

You have several ways to see our timetable for each term:

  1. First, there is a two page pdf that shows what is on each day for each week and times of courses. Follow this link.
  2. Second, we have an up-to-date Calendar that shows what is on each day, has details of where and when the class is on and any other information. The calendar has a link to a map to show location. Follow this link for the calendar.
The U3A year is divided into four terms, same as NSW government schools.
  • For 2024
    • Term 1 (1 Feb – 1 Apr)
    • Term 2 (19 Apr – 25 Jun)
    • Term 3 (12 Jul – 17 Sep)
    • Term 4 (15 Oct – 26 Nov)
Our holiday times approximately match NSW school holidays and public holidays

Once your annual membership fee is paid, you can enrol in any courses without further cost.

However, you are asked to donate a gold coin for each class you attend to cover running and venue costs.

Some courses may require an additional fee to cover hire or equipment costs.

The lanyard is a strap, worn around your neck during class. The inserted card displays your name, member ID and confirmation that you are a current financial member. It also carries emergency contact information.

We really do encourage people to wear their lanyard to class as it has your name on prominent display and so allows people to identify who you are. We find that many people are forgetful of names - especially as we age - and wearing the lanyard with your name on it is a great way for other people in the group to get to know you and for you to get to know them.

They will be given out by the presenter in the first weeks of term 1.

Not enrolled for term 1 or have missed the first couple of weeks of the term, then the card will be returned to the WWVVMC and the card can be picked up from the WWVVMC during Monday morning office hours, during term time.

During The COVID-19 restrictions tea and coffee will not be supplied by U3A, also food must not be brought to share amongst members. However members are welcome to bring their own refreshments as some presenters may have a class break.
Most 'courses' are activity-based or discussion groups.

We are always looking out for course presenters. If you think that you have skills, interests or knowledge that you would like to share with us, become a presenter. It can be for just one class (e.g. for 60 or 90 minutes), or a weekly class over several weeks, or a class every week for a term (10 weeks).

Some ideas suggested from our members are: ukulele group, history subjects, creative writing, languages, all types of art, art & museum visits, wine group and dinner groups.

We offer assistance with the administration of your course/activity.

Please contact Daphne on

Finding the WWVVMC Wagga Wagga Veteran and Vintage Motor Club can be tricky the first time. We are at the junction of Docker and Morgan in what looks like a demountable building on a vacant block. (It's very nice inside.)

The pdf below might help.

A few of our courses require payment to attend. For example, dinners, trips away. Payment is often required in advance. What happens if you cannot attend and need a refund. Below is our policy.

In respect of events such as Christmas lunches, visits to facilities and places of interest arranged for members, for which a fee is collected in advance from members, refunds will be made to members cancelling their booking if cancellation is made at least seven days before the event commences, and in sufficient time that U3A Wagga Wagga Inc will not incur any costs because of the cancellation.

In cases of severe illness or other hardship, U3A Wagga Wagga Inc may waive this condition.

In the case of group theatre parties or other ticketed events, no refund will be made once a ticket has been purchased with that member’s payment.

U3A Wagga Wagga Inc reserves the right to cancel any event for reasons such as weather conditions, insufficient members’ support or any other reason in its discretion, in which case booking fees will be refunded to members.

Privacy and Security

For legal reasons and for administration purposes, U3A Wagga Wagga keeps a variety of information about all of its members.

We collect, hold and use personal information in order to:

  • answer enquiries and provide information and services;
  • send communications;
  • provide access to the myU3A database;
  • update our records or allow members keep their contact information current;
  • assess the performance of the website and the MyU3A database;
  • process and respond to any complaint;
  • comply with any law, rule, regulation, decision or direction of a regulator, or in co-operation with any governmental authority.

For legal reasons, we must maintain a Register of Members. We must make this Register of Members available (at no cost) to any member of our U3A Wagga Wagga Association.

The information contained in that Register of Members is Name and AddressNo other information is contained in the Register of Members.

No other information is available or is to be made available to any member of the Association or any one else.

No. You cannot supply contact details under any circumstances.

It is acceptable if course members agree to voluntarily exchange contact details privately. 

No. Under no circumstances can you supply the contact details of a Committee member (or any other member).

No contact information is to be made available to any member of the Association or any one else.

You can ask the Committee member (or other member) to supply those contact details directly to the person enquiring. You cannot supply the information directly.

No. Information held will not be provided or sold to an external party or organisation or to anyone else.

U3A Wagga Wagga will never sell or give your data to any other parties.

We recommend that you use the Email Class button in the Tutor Portal because it does not reveal the contact details of other course members.

If you do decide to send emails to all the members doing your course from the mail program or app on your PC or tablet (not recommended), you must use the BCC field. The BCC field will keep contact details hidden.

We will remove your photo as soon as you tell us that you do not want it on our website. Contact our webmaster using the link at the bottom of this page or our Contact Us form. Tell us:
  • what page your photo is on
  • what the photo looks like (e.g., 4 people doing a dance)
  • if it is in a slider (ie, a moving sequence), the photo title that shows in white
  • what coloured clothing you have on.
We are happy to 'shadow you out' from the image so that you cannot be recognised yet keep the image showing the other people in the group. Contact our webmaster using the link at the bottom of this page or our Contact Us form. Tell us:
  • what page your photo is on
  • what the photo looks like (eg, 4 people doing a dance)
  • if it is in a slider (ie, a moving sequence), the photo title that shows in white
  • what coloured clothing you have on
  • where you are in the photo (eg, second row, third from the left).

We use our myU3A website to administer U3A Wagga Wagga - to keep track of our courses, presenters, coordinators, volunteers and members. We have about 300 members taking about 100 courses during the year. Administration was a headache when trying to do this on paper. In 2018 we moved to the myU3A online system.

The website you are reading this on is used to communicate with our members and the outside world.

Helping – Volunteers, Coordinators, Presenters

We will always need our members to help. We are an organisation of more than 300 paid up, financial members. We deliver about 40 different courses in each of 4 terms each year in several venues around Wagga Wagga. In a typical term we have more than 600 course enrolments. That takes an enormous amount of work. We need to spread the load.

We always need people who can:

  • Help with administration.
  • Help members join, enrol, pay membership fees.
  • Help presenters and coordinators to deliver courses.
  • Deliver courses.
  • Help with all the other tasks - cleaning, collecting things, making tea and coffee.

If you think you can help, let us know.

Keeping U3A Wagga Wagga running needs constant attention. We need to:

  • Keep up-to-date information about our members - contact details, financial status of membership, enrolment details.
  • Timetable courses to ensure classes are on when Presenters want to give them, members want to attend and venues are available.
  • Manage our venues - sufficient size, parking, rental.
  • Manage enrolment in courses - e.g., number of people enrolled.
  • Provide a point of contact to assist people with enrolment, payment of fees etc.
  • Set-up easy-to-use procedures for people to enrol, notify of apology to not attend a class, coordinators/presenters to contact members.
  • Manage equipment - its location and maintenance.
  • Find presenters to run courses.
  • Enter course information into the database.

If you think you can help, let us know.

Several of our courses have 'Course Coordinators'. Course Coordinators provide assistance to Course Presenters who have asked for help. Many of our Presenters ask for help:

  • with technology to deliver their classes
  • to send emails to course participants

If you think you can help, let us know.

Almost all classes will need equipment, chairs and tables set up before the class and put away after the class. We almost always have to return the room to the state we found it in. 

Help with set up and put away will always be appreciated.

We have a constant demand for courses on how to use technology - phones, mobile devices, computers. We need people who can deliver such courses.

We need someone to run beginners/introduction Mah Jong. We could run more classes if we had more presenters.

U3A NSW has a list suggested popular courses on their website. If you can deliver any of these courses, we would love to hear from you. We even provide a form for you to contact us.

U3A – Wagga Wagga

What is the University of the Third Age?

The University of the Third Age (U3A) is the fastest growing educational organisation in Australia. It is an Australia-wide group of affiliated local U3As which all follow the general aims of providing life-long learning and social opportunities for their members in their ‘third age’. U3As are voluntary, non-profit organisations which offer older people low-cost educational opportunities in a pleasant, supportive social setting. There are no formal entry requirements, no examinations and no "awards". U3As are basically self-help groups built on the premise that older people collectively have the skills and knowledge to provide learning opportunities (education) for themselves. Members share the skills gained during their ‘second age’ - their career and life experiences. Why waste that knowledge and skills in retirement? In fact the word "university" in the title is used in its earliest sense – a community of scholars who get together to help each other in a social learning experience. Most U3A groups in Australia are community based, but there are some, mainly in the capital cities, which are affiliated with and supported by their local university. The principles of self-help and mutual support are the cornerstones of the U3A movement. Dr Peter Laslett established the U3A movement in the UK, and the idea has spread across the world. Download his 'Guiding Principles' here.