Fibres, create and enjoy

Play with a range of unusual fibers to create interesting lines and textures through stitching. Even though this is a hand embroidery course no prior skills are needed as you will be supported to do simple stitching from one on one instruction, handouts and video tutorials. Running stitch, couching and French notes will be worked on thick cotton fabric with a large eyed needle. The accompanying picture has been taken from some samples that were sewn in these stitches.

Initially we will work on some samples and then we will design and sew a small piece of your choice. You will be supported if you feel you are not confident in the design process. It will be the fibres that will make your work zing. Just come and have fun … knots are allowed.

If you do not want to bring your own materials a kit will be supplied for a reasonable fee that contains a range of unusually and at times weird fibres.

The Class will be run from the presenter’s home.