Wagga Wagga U3A Committee

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Our Current Team:

Daphne Carswell – President, Development Coordinator and Venues Officer
Daphne is the public face of U3A Wagga Wagga. She ensures that the Association develops creatively and innovatively to meet the interests and needs of the members in the short and long term, while managing the day-to-day functions of the organisation.
Communication is the key in keeping the organisation up to date. She works with the committee and liaises with the wider U3A community regionally, through the NSW U3A network, and with key personnel of other relevant organisations.
  Shirley Sinclair – Vice President Operations
Shirley monitors the operations of U3A Wagga to ensure the smooth running of the organisation. She liaises with the committee members responsible for communications, class enrolment, courses, equipment, membership, office and supplies, presenters/coordinators, venues, and the website to ensure that all is coordinated in a manner that addresses the needs of the members.
MyU3A (the online membership and enrolment program) is managed and monitored by her with the assistance of Margaret Sutherland.
Wendy Taylor – Secretary
Wendy is responsible for the organisation’s administration as required in accordance with the Act and the Constitution of U3A Wagga Wagga. This includes ensuring that minutes are kept of all proceedings at Committee meetings and general meetings, receiving and preparing all correspondence as required and maintaining the register of committee members.
Wayne Maybury

Wayne Maybury – Public Officer and Treasurer
Wayne is the keeper of the documents of the Association. He collects and retains a set of the essential documents of the Association including the Constitution, Incorporation Certificate, Minute Books, Annual Reports and any other documentation required by the Associations Incorporation Act 2009.
As Public Officer he performs the duties in accordance with the Act and U3A Wagga Wagga Constitution.

As the U3A Treasurer, Wayne is responsible for the organisation’s financial management.
The financial management includes:

  • Receiving and accounting for all income and reconciling it with the bank statement.
  • Dispersing monies as approved by the committee.
  • Providing regular statements of accounts to the committee and the Annual General Meeting.
Geoff Bell – Webmaster
Geoff manages and monitors the U3A Wagga Wagga website to ensure members are provided with current information about the organisation and classes. Geoff ensures the security of the website is up to date to protect members’ privacy. He liaises with the U3A NSW Network which hosts the website.  
He maintains the links from the website to the online enrolment and membership program, MyU3A.

Janette Board


Penny Bull – Presenter and Coordinator Manager
Penny is responsible for liaising and negotiating with prospective course presenters and coordinators to develop courses to the meet the needs of the members.
She works closely with the venues officer and the MyU3A manager in the preparation of each term’s courses and timetable.
Penny liaises with course presenters during the term to ensure they are supported and to address any concerns.
Judith Foley Judith Foley – Membership and Enrolment Officer
Judith is responsible for welcoming new members and monitoring membership of new and returning members. She monitors, and reports to the committee on the membership process through MyU3A and liaises with the Treasurer regarding the progress and processing of both new and renewing membership fees.
She monitors and reports on enrolments through MyU3A and monitors course waitlist and attendance rolls at the end of each term.
Gordon Hall – Publicity and Media Liaison Officer
Gordon’s role is to promote the organisation’s activities and its growing importance to the Wagga Wagga community. Gordon, along with the President, attends community meetings as a guest speaker to promote U3A. He also organises media releases, brochures, open days, and radio presentations to promote U3A activities for people in the third age of their life.
He has been instrumental in sourcing and gaining grants for U3A.
Nancye Piercy – Functions and Events
Nancye has taken on the role of planning and organising U3A promotional functions and events. For example, Open Days, Conferences, celebratory occasions, and the AGM. Celebratory occasions may include lunches, dinners, morning, and afternoon teas. The organisation of these events includes invitations, quotations, the provision of food and drink and other such matters.