An inspector of schools (1984-1988) – Ian Sinclair

Ian Sinclair

A journey … the perspiring palms in a new role, many kilometres distant from colleagues whom I didn’t know at any rate; a new town: my family and our immediate past, 35 schools in 30 locations, the people: children, staff members, principals, P&Cs, parents generally, politicians, police and other public servants, health and You and Community Services … and that was the first week.

School governance, staff performance, teaching results, responsibilities and responsibility … our cats enjoyed the government car when it arrived in grass hopper time. Seared grasshopper with a soupçon of engine. A wonderful town and an absolute contrast to the family location 1980-1983. The mystical past!

This course will be presented by Ian Sinclair in one session at Mary Kidson Hall on Tuesday 25th October 2-3:30pm.