Science – Big Ideas and the Big Questions

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Have you ever wondered how scientists know things, like how hot the Sun is? or what it’s like inside the Earth? or how old the Universe is?

In these sessions I will introduce you to some of the ways scientists ‘know’ things. Along the way I hope to answer questions you may have about science: perhaps the big ideas in science, such as the Big Bang; or wonders of scientific, thought such as atomic theory; or those everyday things that you might wonder about, such as why does milk boil over, but water doesn’t?

I have a broad plan for the sessions but would be more than happy to spend time exploring things YOU want to know about.
No previous science knowledge required, no equipment other than an inquiring mind!

Robyn Saunders Mary Kidson Hall 7 May, 21 May, 4 June 1:30-3:30pm