Environment & Sustainability Series

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Our world is a complex of ecosystems and planetary processes. To thrive, our health, longevity and prosperity depend on our Earth’s well-being.

This series of classes considers the environmental challenges that we face. Topics will include how our planet works, the impact of toxins, sustainable industry, housing challenges and water and energy efficiency. 

Our Toxic World

Kath Skinner will present an overview of toxins, including novel compounds such as ‘forever chemicals’ and micro/nanoplastics. Topics include sources of toxins, measurement of toxicity, regulation by different agencies, and evidence for risks to health including new diseases.

The class will lead into future sessions including detailed case studies on individual toxins, according to the group’s interests. This could include lead/heavy metals, asbestos, algal blooms, glyphosate (Roundup), perfumes etc.

Kath Skinner Mary Kidson Hall 30 may 1:30-3:30 pm

Energy Efficient Housing

Concerned about high electricity and/or gas prices? This presentation will outline energy-efficient options for
home owners who are interested in reducing their energy costs and carbon footprint. It will outline benefits of building orientation, materials, insulation, thermal mass and shading.

The presentation will look at new house design and also what cost-effective improvements can be undertaken on existing homes. Choice of heating and cooling options and appliance selection will be examined along with guidelines on how to understand your energy bills.

Trevor Delves 3 June Duke of Kent? 2-4pm.

The Huff ‘n’ Puff Passivhaus

Huff ‘n’ Puff is a family-run straw bale construction company based out of Ganmain, providing design advice and construction. They also run workshops relating to straw bale building in NSW.

Huff ‘n’ Puff is considered by its peers as a leader and expert in this fledging industry. Founder John Glassford will tell us how the company has developed a unique and ecologically sound, structural super-insulated panel building system known as “Sit-ups” (super-insulated tilt-up panel system).

These straw bale panels can be put into place by two people. The structural panel system provides a cost-effective building system based on an environmentally responsible manufacturing process.

John Glassford at Mary Kidson Hall 10am-12pm.