There will be no sessions on ‘sustainability- behind the news’ in Term 2  but as you can see many of the topics we have discussed are still hot in the press.

For example  

  • The Port Augusta 650million dollar solar project has been abandoned because it could not find finance
  • There is substantial discussion  on the prospects  for  electric cars  and consequences for the grid

  • The independent report on the Murray- Darling Basin Plan and fish kills (the Vertessy Report) has been released

  • There is a very good podcast form the ABC Big Ideas on ‘What price nature- can we better conserve  our ecosystems and biodiversity by pacing and economic value on it?’  featuring Charles Massey author of’ The Call of the Reed Warbler’ on regenerative farming.

  • You can still catch the last Four Corners program on Australia’s emissions  performance against the  Paris target

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