Food or War

Food or War is a powerful new science book that examines how humanity can successfully feed itself through the peak in human numbers in a climate-impaired world.

Its focus is on food because this issue affects every person on the planet, every day, and looms large among the existential threats facing humanity.

It breaks new ground in describing the nexus between food, famine and human conflict in the past, the present and the future. It identifies hot-spots for food wars in the 21st Century and poses workable, sustainable solutions to both food insecurity and conflict.

The book aims to stimulate world-wide awareness and debate about the difficulty of feeding 10+ billion people in a hot, resource-depleted world, of the high risks of conflict which result from failure and of the wide range of novel approaches, technologies, systems and opportunities for creating a healthy, sustainable global food supply.

It concludes optimistically by describing the food production systems of tomorrow, their technology, how they can be funded and what needs to be done to achieve the transition to a sustainable, healthy global food supply that can end the 6th Extinction of life on Earth and deliver a global peace dividend.

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