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Are you looking for an opportunity to socialize with other seniors in Wagga Wagga while engaging in fun and educational activities? Look no further than U3A Wagga Wagga! We provide a welcoming community of like-minded individuals who enjoy everything from table tennis to art classes and history talks. Join us today to expand your knowledge and make new friends!
Office open (during term time) at Mary Kidson Hall, City of Wagga Wagga Botanic Gardens, MacLeay St, Turvey Park on Mondays 10.00-11.30 am.
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2024 Term 3 Dates

First class Monday 22 July Last class Friday 27 September

Term 2 Dates

Term 2 has 10 weeks of classes. 1st April Classes are visible 16th April Enrolment opens at 12:01 am. Enrolment...

2024 Yearly Membership remains at $40

The Membership fee for 2024 remains at $40.00 per person. More detailed instructions for payment and enrolment are on the...

April 8 & 9 2024 Network NSW Conference Invitation

The 2024 U3A Network NSW Annual Conference will be proudly hosted by Eastlakes U3A on April 8 &9 2024, at...

New Building Progress

Below is from the Wagga City Council site. Construction of the new Duke of Kent community building has made significant...

Upcoming Events

Dates for April 2024

Monday 1 April. Term 2 Classes visible 8 & 9...

Dates for May 2024

Friday 17 May. Committee Meeting.

Dates for June 2024

Friday 7 June. Duke of Kent available. (Maybe) Monday 17...

A Selection of Our Exciting 21 New (and returning) Courses for Term 3


We are almost addicted to this fun, sociable, relaxing activity. Kerry coordinates with Forum 6 to find suitable movies at a screening time that allows us to have lunch afterwards. Over lunch we all analyse and score what we have watched. We experience some entertaining and interesting commentary as well as some great movies on […]

At The Movies

It was so rewarding to be able to share and discuss our work and to receive such positive affirmations. Each week we were amazed at how quickly our class time passed.


All players are very relaxed holding their own piece of musical equipment. Smiles from ear to ear. Les our teacher really loves what he is doing.


The genre of crime/mystery novels covers a very wide range of topics. The monthly meetings are in a relaxed environment and something to which we all look forward. 

Mystery Book Club

Some of the benefits of enrolling in this U3A activity are that there are many opportunities for learning and your brain is being stimulated.

Delving With Dignity

Ann gave a most informative lecture on the reasons for the construction of the Berlin Wall and control of separated East and West Berlin.

Rise and Fall of Berlin Wall

I was unprepared for the element of tactics in croquet that took no prisoners!  Great fun and lots of laughs … and groans. 


It’s all about immersion in words, ideas, concepts, variety and various philosophies.

Writing for Pleasure

Apart from the historic details, we learnt about survival skills in terms of nutritional deficit, trekking on empty stomachs, sheer will power and heroism.

Antarctica: Heroic Age of Exploration

Patient instructor! … Why wasn’t it longer? … Great group of willing eager participants who all wanted to know more … Teacher encouragement was wonderfully supportive … So many possibilities … Learnt so much in very short time.

Constructing Handmade Books

I’m hopeless but I love it. If I can paint anyone can My grandchildren think I’m so clever. Throw some water and a bit of colour on a page and see where it takes you!  Fantastic Fun! 2 hours of messy fun and lots of learning.

Fun with Watercolours