The Third Age

Wagga Wagga University of the Third Age (Wagga Wagga U3A) offers a number of intellectually stimulating and physically rewarding courses in Wagga Wagga.

Wagga Wagga U3A courses are a wonderful way to acquire new knowledge and skills in an informal, friendly atmosphere. There are no prerequisites, and no exams.

Whatever your interests, there could be a course for you:

Languages, literature, drama, poetry, music, theatre, ethics, history, geography, travel, writing, current affairs, personal development, philosophy, science and technology, and computers are just some of the possible courses.

The Third Age is the best time of your life!

Our First Age is childhood.
Our Second Age is the mid part of our lives, with the responsibilities of career and family.
Our Third Age is the best time of our lives. A time when we are free to explore, learn, and share knowledge.

Now is the Time…

  • to learn something new
  • to keep an active mind
  • to meet new friends


Ready, Steady, GO!

Whatever your interest, there is a course for you.


Go through the links on the navigation bar to see what is available, to find out how to join and continue you life-long learning journey.